Anna - whole home purge

 Cary is a true pro. She was flexible in scheduling our work times for when I was available. (I work a night shift so she came to my home in the evenings.) From the minute she walked into my kitchen for our first decluttering session, she jumped right into beginning the task at hand. She tackled our huge project and took it one step at a time. When I felt overwhelmed, she calmly pushed ahead and directed me to work on the subtask she wanted me to complete. Cary offered continual guidance and encouragement to keep me on task. She clearly enjoys her work and the results show that. After five four-hour sessions where Cary worked non-stop, my house is now clutterfree! Hiring Clutter Free was well worth the investment and I feel so much better about my home now!


I cannot tell you how much your class at Diana's has motivated me! I don't like clutter and have always considered myself a neat person. However, after listening to your tips, I am cleaning out all those "organized" drawers, cupboards, filing cabinets and closets. I think people in general assume you have to be a hoarder to need someone like you. Not true!

David Aspenson - phsycologist

Clutter Free was worth every penny of the very reasonable fee for the service. It would have taken me four weekends working by myself to accomplish what I did in four hours with Cary's help. After she carted away an entire truckload of books and stuff I no longer needed, my entire being felt lighter and more free. 

Eric - four life times of memories

Cary worked closely with me to de-clutter and organize the entire house. 
Cary is fabulous and goes above and beyond in every respect.  It was a huge job and I was overwhelmed after accumulating items from multiple family members. Cary is extremely organized herself and develops a strategy and keeps the client involved throughout.  She is positive yet assertive in not only deciding what to hold onto but also how to organize items based on their purpose and use and hauling mountains of items away to donate, and returning with a tax receipt. She works with the client in developing a process moving forward for each room and need. It was very well worth the price and saved me months and probably years of time and agony. I cannot say enough good things about working with Cary!


Earl - Not quite settled in Chapel Hill

I went from overwhelmed and unmotivated to empowered and inspired after my very first visit with Cary.  I was really upset with myself for not managing to de-clutter my belongings before moving into my new home and the unpacked boxes just sat there in my spare room which I intended to turn into a guest/home office space many months ago. Well, after being in my new location for over eight months, I was very anxious to make some progress with clearing out the many boxes of stuff before the end of the year and it was just not happening on my own, so I decided I really needed some professional help. I am so very glad I found Cary an Angie's list!  Cary is truly someone who will partner with you to make some real and lasting progress in de-cluttering your life.  Over the eight hour period of time we spent together (spread over two days), we not only managed to get rid of the intimidating amount of clutter in my guest room, but I was also able to fully tame my master bedroom closet.

What a joy it is to have a place for everything and everything in its place!  

And, I say we, because Cary was an integral part of the process by feeding me boxes (some of them quite heavy), taking things down to trash and recycle, and also taking all of the donated items away (no stress for me in having to haul things away).

I highly recommend Cary if you are looking for someone who can:

1. Be extremely supportive and compassionate while still being firm, when necessary.

2. Offer great assistance in determining where items best belong in your home

3. Provide great advice on how to keep things organized after her consultation ends

4. Is flexible in scheduling sessions (She even works on Saturdays!)

5. Is hard working and dependable

I highly recommend Cary.  I already told my co-workers and friends about her and I hope you will find her as wonderful to work with as I did.
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