Jeanne- Daughers' plea for help

Jeanne- Daughers' plea for help

Cary Farrell and Clutter Free has worked with my family for over three years.  After years of tensions with my mother regarding the decades of accumulation and piles in her home, my sisters and I decided to call a professional organizer for help.  
 We met with Cary first before introducing her to our mom.  Our conversation helped us to get to know Cary and her methodology and we knew that we had found the perfect fit to work with Mom- someone who is compassionate and kind, and also energetic and decisive). We also realized during that first conversation with Cary that there are some things that family can't help other family with, and as much as we wanted to be the ones to help Mom regain control over her house, a professional option was really the better choice for us for long-term success of the organization AND health of our relationship.

After introducing Mom to Cary, they set up their first organization session.  My sisters and I had low expectations as Mom's house had been in a state of piles and build-up for some time, but to our surprise, Mom invited us over to her house to see the results after the session and our JAWS DROPPED.  We had no idea that such significant results could be seen so soon!  Within just a couple sessions, Mom's kitchen and bathroom came to a state of organization and functionality previously unknown.  Soon following, the living room and bedroom and office became clear and usable.

Best of all, Cary did this with Mom's buy-in and active participation!  (I should mention that once we had snuck into Mom's house while she was away for a weekend and got the place "clear and usable" but it was not a long-term fix as a few months later it was back in its cluttered state without us really addressing Mom's needs in that "surprise" process).   Cary helped Mom make decisions that honored the memories cherished within her house WHILE clearing up space for Mom to have people over again. 

Mom is so proud of her house and has her family over regularly, and has never felt like anything was thrown away or "lost" without her choice and decision (this had previously been a complaint against her daughters' help...)We continue to hire Cary on a regular basis for a few hours here and there to help Mom keep on top of things. 

Lest this report indicate that Cary only handles extreme cases, I also had Cary over for 2 hours to help me organize my home office after I had moved.  I had several boxes of things I just didn't know what to do with- books, childhood art & memories, etc- that sat in unopened  for months.  Cary came over and helped me make decisions and set up my office in a way that held the things I want out and on display, and also still has space for me to do the activities I want to do in that room.  I have never regretted a single decision I made from that organization session and feel great about my space and belongings.  If I hadn't hired Cary, those boxes would likely still be there.

Cary brings a TON of energy to each session.  She helps direct her client's energy so that their decisions are engaged, then provides the legwork to plow through unfathomable amounts of clutter and belongings in a short amount of time.  She brings tangible results quickly, yet her work still holds for the long-term. I happily recommend Cary to all of my friends, and my clients (I run a housecleaning company), and quote her sayings and encouragements on a regular basis!