Clutter Free exists to give you order and function in your life! 

Here is list of some of the services that Clutter Free provides:

Compassion:  A listening ear and a compassionate heart to the stress and effects that clutter and disorganization cause and an understanding of the overwhelming feelings of downsizing for any reason.

Evaluation:  A non judgmental look at your space because we can see the potential that your home has underneath the clutter. And discovering  how you process, think , feel and use your space to help you find the system of organization that works the best for you.  No "one size fits all" approaches.

Inspiration: Ideas and tools to inspire and excite you to the potential of what peace and function your space can bring.

Perspiration: On site, one-on-one coaching and muscle as you look for your treasures and determine what the clutter is and how to move it on.  As well as cheerleading, and guidance through the decision making processes.  We have a list of questions to help you move quickly and efficiently through the decision making process.  

Education: Knowledge to challenge the clutter myths that keep you from gaining success over stuff and a tried and true system of determining how much you have before making decisions about what you need as well as guidance in how and where to keep it to create the functionally organized space that will give you creative freedom and peace to relax. Including help in donating items no longer needed for a tax receipt and suggestions for selling what you can.

Accountability: to reach your goals of being clutter free and functionally organized as you work through the process via physical assistance, emails, newsletters, blog posts, phone calls or texts. As well as an ongoing maintenance program to continue your success.


Here are a few areas that we provide our services:


Creating order in every room in the house is easily acheived when you understand the function of each room and de-clutter it from the items that inhibit or slow down your ability to function in that room. Cary can help you create functioning rooms in your home that are filled with the things you love and need.

Home Management
Home management is a team effort by everyone in the home. Learning good home management skills brings a family together. Cary can help you create a home that everyone will want to come home to. A place of home cooked meals, clean clothes and comfortable order.

Home sale - Moving
With a flooded house market, how are you going to set your home apart from all the others? De-cluttering your home is an easy way to make your home look bigger and more appealing to a buyer. De-cluttering your home also makes moving a breeze because you only move the things you need and love to the new home. Why pay to move stuff you really don't love or need? Why overwhelm youself to unpack stuff at your new home that will only clutter up your new space? Cary can help you make those decisions and reduce your moving cost and unpacking stress!

Downsizing- Freedom
Most of us spend the first half of our lives amassing stuff and the last half trying to give it away. We realize that "things" take a lot of time to maintain which can rob us of time traveling or enjoying family and friends. Reliving the memories and making desicison on items we have accumulated over the years can be overwhelming. Let Cary help you through the process.

Home Office
Whether you are using your home office just to pay personal bills or if you are running several businesses out of your home office, let Cary help you tackle the paper and a work system that will help you be efficient and productive.

Some of the greatest gifts you can give your children are the principals of order and time management. Most of your child's education depends on his ability to keep things in order. Math, spelling, reading, and study skills all require the ability to keep facts in order. Giving your child a daily routine and teaching them how to maintain their space is the foundation for being successful in school and life. Some of us are naturally orderly and need little assistance to learn the skills of organization and other personalities need more help. Cary can work with you to give your child the gift of order.