Cary Farrell

Are You a Victim of Clutter?

by Cary Farrell
January 02, 2020
Hindsight is 2020. If you are like me this phrase fits the new year.  After countless hours of looking back over my life these past two years, I have a clearer vision of my purpose and I am looking forward to this new decade.  Purging the mental and emotional clutter that has kept me weighed down my whole life is allowing me to walk lighter and freer and to see beautiful possibilities.  

 Around 15 years ago I had the opportunity to do a radio show for a small local station and I can remember talking about how clutter can be physical and emotional.  I was very aware at that time in my life that my mind was very chaotic with emotional and mental clutter.  Decluttering and organizing my physical world became my addiction and gave me temporary relief from the chaos in my mind.   It took several more years of emotional clutter build up before I got uncomfortable enough to tackle the clutter head on.  I whined about the clutter, complained about it but was too overwhelmed to deal with it until it began to consume my life, affect my health and alter my quality of living.  

I finally reached out to some guides and coaches who could help me unpack the clutter I had been hauling around.  It was hard and labor intensive at times.  I realized that my security blanket was my victim mindset.  As long as I blamed others for my clutter I was stuck!  When I realized that I had made choices and that even though I had been victimized it was a choice to be a victim, I was able to let go of the massive pile of clutter.  My guides began gently handing me the scissors so I could cut down my security blanket until I am only left with a small square of remembrance. 

Your clutter may only be physical but you might also be stuck in a victim mindset complaining about it and blaming others for it. 
•    You might have a messy spouse, and or kids. 
•    You might have a crazy work schedule that leaves you no time at home. 
•     You might have friends and or family that are constantly giving you things. 
•    You might have health issues that keep you from being able to deal with the clutter.  

If you want 2020 to be your year of living Clutter Free, start with a phone call to a caring guide with 20 years of experience helping others just like you.  We have simple systems to help you determine what your treasures are and what has become clutter.  We bring the tools, ideas and muscle to turn chaos into calm.  The clutter did not come in all at once and it will not leave all at once but it won’t leave at all until you take that first step…  Reach out to Clutter Free today!  
coat-closet-after.jpgDo you recognize the coat closet from above?