Cary Farrell

Creating a Home That Welcomes You

by Cary Farrell
September 26, 2018

It is fashionable to decorate your front door with a welcome mat and a holiday wreath.  It is an external smile on the front of our home.  However, the welcome mat and the wreath don’t always mean that the home feels welcoming to the homeowners.  

Clutter Free exists to provide the tools and encouragement to make the welcome mat and decorative wreath a smile from the inside out so that those who live at your address feel welcomed everyday.   

Creating that feeling of welcome literally starts at the door you use everyday, whether it is the front, side, or garage door.  To create that feeling of welcome, it is important to develop systems that create a sense of calm and order as you enter your home.

Create a place to put items like these that come in and out everyday:

  • Backpacks

  • Briefcases

  • Keys

  • Current purse

  • Coats (only in the winter)

  • Shoes (only this season)

  • Sports equipment or extra curricular activities

  • Dog leash

  • Items that need to be returned or donated

  • Mail -- include a shredder, recycle bin, and basket for mail to keep

Taking the time to set up functioning systems for items that come in and out everyday makes your entrance and exit each day less stressful and less complicated.

  • Remove all the items that are in the entryway that do not come in and out of the house each day. Those extra items create clutter that clogs up the entrance. Items come into this area to die.  

  • Create a routine of purging unnecessary items on a regular basis to maintain the welcome in your home.

Once you create organizing systems that welcome you at the door, you will be able to move to other areas to continue the smile throughout your entire home. If you need assistance in creating the systems that will keep you smiling and feeling welcome throughout your entire home, contact us to turn your frown upside down. Start your new year off with a smile!