Cary Farrell

Diaper Bag Organization

by Cary Farrell
July 22, 2019

As a mother of five children, I know how hard it can be to get out the door with kids.  Standing at the door with the diaper bag, I would struggle to remember all that I might need to pack.  Making a packing list helps your cluttered mind to think clearly about what you need to take with you so you can get out the door with confidence. By making a list of the “must haves,” you can quickly check the list, stock up on what is missing and add any extras for the day.


For infant to one year your list might look like this:

  • Diapers (4-5)

  • Wipes

  • Diaper cream

  • Waterproof changing pad

  • Plastic bags for dirty diapers or messy clothes

  • A change of clean clothes

  • Two bibs

  • Two small blankets for keeping baby warm or laying baby down

  • Nursing cover

  • Bottles with pre-measured formula and bottled water

  • Bottled water for nursing moms

  • Two burp cloths

  • Baby food , spoon in a plastic bag,  snacks or sippy cup

  • Extra pacifier

  • A couple of toys – rotate these for cleaning and to prevent boredom


Keep this list in a pocket of the diaper bag so anyone can check the list to make sure the bag is packed with essentials.


Get in the habit of purging the bag every night for dirty items and restocking it immediately.  This way you will be ready to go on a moments notice.


You can always keep an extra bag in the vehicle for an emergency supply of diapers, wipes, formula and an outfit.



The list for a one to three year old might include:

  • Diapers

  • Wipes or a wet rag in a plastic baggie for a big job

  • Training pants - pull-ups or underwear

  • Changing pad

  • Plastic bags for dirty diapers or clothes

  • A change of clean clothes or two if potty training

  • Bibs

  • One blanket

  • Toddler food, spoon, snacks, sippy cup

  • A couple of toys or books – rotate these often


Because I carried a diaper bag for nine plus years, my diaper bag was also my purse unless of course I was leaving the kids with a sitter.


Take a hard look at what you have in your purse and pull out the items you use on a daily or weekly basis.  Put financial items in a multipurpose wallet, health and beauty aids in a zippered pouch and place these items in a section of your diaper bag.  This way if you are leaving your diaper bag at daycare or with a sitter, you can easily pull them out and pop them into a “real purse” and you are ready to go.


The rest of the items in your purse can be kept in the vehicle in a “car purse” for access when you need them.  You don’t have to tote everything but the kitchen sink with you at all times!  Give your back a break and get in the habit of only carrying what you need.


If you have a baby and toddler, keep two lists in your diaper bag to make restocking quick and easy!

Enjoy your babies they grow up quick!