Cary Farrell

Does "It" Bring You Joy?

by Cary Farrell
February 06, 2019
Unless you are buried under your clutter and you haven’t connected with others outside your home or the internet, you have probably read or heard someone talking about Marie Kondo and her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing or the new Netflix show, Tidying up with Marie Kondo.  Her book and methods are inspiring many to look at their possessions and ask the question, “Does it spark joy?”

Acquiring items often does spark joy.  There is an excitement in finding a new “treasure” but that excitement can wear off quickly when we bring it home and struggle to have a place to put it.  Everywhere we turn we are inundated with new, shiny items that will bring us “joy” but we all know the reality of how fast that joy can dissipate sometimes as soon as you put it in your car or receive it at the door. 

Merriam Webster defines joy asthe emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: Delight 

We can confuse well-being and success by the amount of items we possess but do we really find joy in things or do we find true joy in being in the presence of others who find joy in being with us. If you have ever traveled to a third world country you realize quickly that joy is not in the amount of the possessions one has but in the emotion evoked by well-being which is brought on by being cared for and loved by others that you care for and love. 

Do we really desire things or healthy connections with others? Do the possessions you own bring you closer to the people in your life or do they take up your precious time demanding your attention to maintain them and organize them which keep you from spending time with people?

Consider the Clutter Free method:
~ Place the items that you use the most often where you can easily access them.
~ Use your most loved possessions as your d├ęcor.
~ Turn your burdens, the items that actually steal your joy by demanding your precious time, into someone else’s blessing by releasing them giving you freedom to pursue true joy in others.
~ Develop simple systems for daily tasks like meals, mail, laundry and cleaning to free up more time in your day.

Decide to choose joy in others and not just things and if you need assistance to decide what your joy thieves are contact Clutter Free today.  We specialize in creating welcoming homes where joy is sparked in peace and freedom to connect with others.