Cary Farrell

Giving the gift of love from the Clutter in your home.

by Cary Farrell
December 03, 2018
As we head towards the holiday season in the Triangle area, you can give the gift of love from the clutter in your home by donating the possessions that are no longer blessing you to charities that will turn your burdens into blessings.  I am excited to partner with the Mabopane mission in Apex, NC because they not only serve our community but the Ya Bana Village in South Africa as well.
A few ways that the Mabopane Foundation is impacting the Triangle and making an international impact are: 
·       Taking Triangle Donations. Sometimes the hardest part of getting rid of items you no longer need is figuring out where to take them.  The Mabopane mission has a barn that allows you to drop items off anytime which makes donating convenient. Tax receipts are there for you to take as well.  
·       Blessing Triangle Families.  Items donated are sold locally to bless others in our area which immediately recycles your burdens (items that clutter the home and no longer serve you) into blessings for others in the Triangle who need those items.
·       Supporting International Missions.  Every dollar generated from the sale of donated items goes to fund the Mabopane mission in South Africa which means that you are not only blessing locally but also GLOBALLY !
As you head into this gift giving holiday season, I hope you will be encouraged to give from the heart of love.  Be intentional in what you give to be sure it will bless the receiver. And then be willing to love yourself by releasing the clutter, possessions no longer serving you, in your home to foundations like Mabopane that make it exciting to release the clutter! 
The greatest gift you can give yourself is a de-cluttered home that hugs you when you return to it!  Contact Clutter Free today to give this gift of love to yourself knowing that your clutter will give love to others as well.  What a beautiful recycling love story!