Cary Farrell

How to Organize Holiday Decorations for a Great Holiday

by Cary Farrell
November 15, 2018
Is it up in the attic, down in the basement or out in the garage? What are we looking for?  Holiday decorations!  With cooler weather in the air and the leaves turning brilliant color many of us start decorating our homes with pumpkins, turkeys and then the wonder of Christmas lights.

Whether there is one pumpkin and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree or a whole Triangle area house full of lights that wins the neighborhood Christmas light award, organizing and storing the decorations will help keep the happy in the Holidays.

Here are a few practical tips to organizing decorations:

1.    Make Room for Decorations. Put away the everyday décor to make room for the seasonal décor. If it is worth keeping, it is worth keeping well.  Invest in good sturdy organizing containers to keep the décor in good shape from year to year.
2.    Prepare to Decorate. Pull out all the decorations for the current holiday and be willing to pass on the pieces that you no longer love so that someone else can benefit from them.
3.    Set a Decorating Limit. Be reasonable about how many holiday decorations the home can handle so that decorating is exciting and not burdensome and doesn’t overwhelm everyone living there. Also, don’t overwhelm the kitchen cabinets or china hutch with holiday dishes used once per year.  Pack them away with the other holiday decorations.
4.    Be Patient. Pack away holiday books/toys and bring them out with other holiday décor. There will lots of excitement when pulling out these boxes.
5.    Create Decorating Organizing Fun. It is always more exciting to pull out the decorations than it is to put them away.  Plan a fun activity to do when everything is put away.  Leave a holiday box available for those left over holiday decorations that always seem to be missed and tend to sit around until the next year. 
6.    Create a Decoration Organization System. Designate space in the home for the holiday decorations that is out of the way of the prime real estate. 

Enjoy a Clutter Free holiday and remember that the best gift is connection with others. If keeping the clutter under control with decorations is too much, call in the Clutter Free expert.