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Organizing for the Holidays

Letters to Santa

By Cary Farrell
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December 01, 2012
It's that time of year when the kids who normally hate to write look for paper and pencil to write that a letter in hopes to get new toys and gadgets.  And we as parents want to make our kids happy by giving them what they want.  We love the excitement of the new toys just as much as the kids do!  Many of us remember our own childhood Christmases and want to relive them with ... Read this article

Happy New Year 2014

By Cary Farrell
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January 03, 2014
If you are contemplating your New Year's resolutions, consider this. Every day is new and fresh! Don't get caught up in the Pie Crust Promises, easily made, easily broken (Mary Poppins) of New Year's Resolutions. Focus on the fact that you get a clean slate each day and resolve to make each day the best it can be. Read this article
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