Cary Farrell

Six Thoughts to a More Organized Year

by Cary Farrell
January 21, 2019
A new year always encourages us to consider how we spend our time because it seems as though the last year flew by!  The phrase the days are long but the years are short seems to fit doesn’t it? Time is the one commodity we cannot buy more of or save up for later so it is PRECIOUS!
You might have hoped to get so much accomplished last year that is still on your to do list.  Getting organized might have been on your list and it might still be because you are so overwhelmed it is hard to know where to start.  How do you juggle all the responsibilities of each day and get organized at the same time?
Let me encourage you to consider that the best place to start is in your thinking process.  It is not stuff that we need to organize as much as it is our thinking. 
Do these thoughts replay in your mind?
~ I don’t know how to organize
~ I am just messy/creative
~ I don’t have time to get/be organized
~ I love everything that I have
~ I might need these items one day
~ Shopping makes me happy
Could you reorganize your thinking with these statements?
~ I don’t have to use anyone else’s organizing style.  I can put the items I use the most often right where I need to use them and I can move other unused items out of the way.
~ I love to see what I have so I can organize my items in ways that I can see them.  I can be an organized piler.
~ I am wasting tons of time by not being at least functionally organized.  I need simple systems for meals, laundry, calendar and mail so that I can function well each day.
~ I might have loved everything I own at one point in my life but now I have so much to love that it has become a burden to manage. Can I turn my burdens into someone else’s blessing by donating/selling some?
~ If I need these items one day, it will be easier to find them at the store where they have a staff of people organizing them.  Managing these items myself will take a lot of my valuable time.
~ Acquiring new shiny items gives me a high in the moment but when I get the item in the mail or bring it home from the store I am frustrated with where to put it or what to do with it and I often feel guilty for spending the money.
New discoveries in science show that our brains have plasticity so your thoughts can be reorganized! Spend a few minutes thinking about any of these cluttering thoughts and write out the reordered thought where you can meditate on it and see if it helps you begin thinking more organized. Clutter Free would love to assist you in tackling your organizing to do list. Give us a call today and reclaim some of that PRECIOUS time!