Cary Farrell

The ONE Thing People Need to Admit Before Getting Organized

by Cary Farrell
July 22, 2019

I’ve heard them all -- the reasons NOT to hire a professional organizer.  Some of the comments I hear from potential clients include the following:  “I have several organizing books to help me.”  “I watch organizing shows on TV.”  “ I know WHAT to do, I just don’t make time to do it.”  “I get so overwhelmed I usually quit.”  That last line can also be heard at a gym, or a diet group, or a school, or a rehabilitation facility....


What they are really saying but don’t realize is, “I need a coach to motivate me, a cheerleader to keep me excited, an accountability partner to keep me from quitting, and a friend to be proud of me when I have completed a small goal.”


What most people struggle to admit is: “I Need Help!”  Everyone wants to be self sufficient and do it (whatever “it” is) on their own.  However. we all need others in our lives and everyone loses when our pride keeps us from reaching out and allowing others to use their gifts to help us along the way, whether it’s in sports, learning, getting in shape, losing weight, or rehabbing.  


Clients that tell me that they know what to do are pleasantly surprised when they work with me.  Because I know easier and faster ways of getting organized, I can take the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed out of the equation.  They are often surprised when I tell them we are done with a project.  I hear comments like, “Already?” or “This would have taken me forever on my own!”  Many of my clients think they know what to do but end up just moving items around in the house without really accomplishing the goal of gaining a functional space.  


I have struggled with all of these feelings, but in a different area of my life.  As a homeschooling mom, I easily taught my first three children how to read and was working with the last two.  I was confident that I knew what to do and was working consistently at it but failing miserably with my fourth child.  We struggled along for awhile, determined we would get it eventually.  When my son began banging his head into his hand trying to remember the word he had just read but could not remember, I reached out for help.  I was stubborn and it took the tutor a few sessions to convince me that my son needed more than what I was giving him.  I couldn’t imagine what she could do for my son that I had not already tried.  During one of our first sessions, however, I watched in amazement as my son easily made sounds that he had struggled to say with me. I will admit that I cried tears of joy and was convinced that this tutor knew what my son needed and had the skill to help him learn to read.  Two years ago my son graduated from our homeschool with this tutor present.  We would not have gotten him to that point without her!  She was our coach, cheerleader, accountability partner, and friend! I had to swallow my pride, reach out for help, and be willing to learn myself to give my son the opportunity he needed to learn to read.


As a professional organizer, I work with clients that need just a little encouragement and a jump-start to get organized.  And there are others who need me to walk them through the entire process and keep checking back with them to stay on track. In the end, they all feel successful in having created functional spaces where they can relax, work, or entertain.


Don’t let your pride or embarrassment keep you from reaching out to an organizer today. Organizers are not there to condemn or shame you!  They don’t see the clutter like you do.  They see the potential that your home or office can be. At least take the first step by scheduling a consultation.  Most organizers will give you ideas to inspire you.  If you still feel overwhelmed, an organizer will be there with energy and enthusiasm to be your coach, cheerleader, accountability partner, and friend to get you to your goal of a functionalized space.