Cary Farrell

Things to Consider About Greeting Cards

by Cary Farrell
July 28, 2019
“When you care enough to send the very best.”  Hallmark’s slogan sinks deep into the heart.  Greeting cards of all kinds are given to celebrate special occasions as well as “Just thinking of you” moments.  The digital age has reduced how many cards are sent via the postal system but cards are still considered thoughtful gifts. 

Hallmark also taught us to keep all of those special cards.  The holiday commercials where the card receiver brings out a box of past year’s cards strikes at the viewer’s heart to treasure each card.  However, the commercials show a very small shoe box instead of the large plastic bins that some Triangle homes possess. 

If your closet, attic, basement or garage has bins full of cards that get moved each time you move because you feel responsible to keep them or your bedside table drawers or desk drawers are overflowing with cards that you are not sure what to do with, it might be time to consider what to do with them.

A few things to consider about greeting cards that are stored around the house are:
  • Greeting cards of any kind are paper hugs. A record of every physical hug, phone call or personal visit from a friend, can’t be kept and neither can every card.
  • If the card makes you laugh out loud or makes you cry, use it as a bookmark to enjoy as you read a current book.
  • If the card has very personal sentiment (not just their signature) or is from a close family member or friend then keep these cards in a special box (not prime real estate drawers).
  • Be careful not to impose card keeping on your kids unless there is special sentiment from grandparents or close family or friends. 
  • If the card is beautiful, consider framing it and displaying it.  My grandmother took a post card that I sent her while I was in college of a puppy sitting in a flower pot with the word Hi! and painted it for me.  I love seeing that picture hanging in my home.
  • If recycling cards feels dishonoring or uncomfortable; consider donating them to charities that remake the cards to sell such as the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (they cannot accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting Cards).  You can also check for local charities to donate to like the Durham Scrap Exchange
Remember that a physical hug, phone call, email or text are all meant to bless you for the moment.  Be careful how many paper hugs are kept because most people don’t sit around looking at old greeting cards and they can take up a lot of space over the years.