Cary Farrell

Twelve Days to a Clutter Free Christmas

by Cary Farrell
December 01, 2018

On the first day of Christmas – Remember that your home is like your museum.  Put away some of your decor before putting out all the Christmas decorations to keep the house from looking cluttered.

On the second day of Christmas – After you have decorated the house, donate the decorations that you didn’t use so someone else can be blessed by them.

On the third day of Christmas – Review your December calendar to be sure you have all the party and concert dates down and what you need to bring to each event.

On the fourth day of Christmas – If you have kids, go through their toys to see what you can donate or sell to make room for the new gifts.  If you don’t have kids, search through the house for items you no longer need or love that you could donate to bless others.

On the fifth day of Christmas – Consider a charity, ministry, or neighbor that you could bless this season. It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Get the family or some friends to go with you.

On the sixth day of Christmas – Make your gift list and check it twice to be sure you have thought of everyone.  Keep your gifts simple and remember gifts are meant to bless and not burden so if you don’t know exactly what to buy for someone, give a gift certificate or do some investigating to find out what they want or need.  Be open to giving gifts of your time, or giving memberships to local places.  Make a donation to a charity in honor of the receiver for those who really don’t need another thing!  

On the seventh day of Christmas – Plan your shopping and buy online if possible to keep from being tempted to overbuy!

On the eighth day of Christmas – Send Christmas cards or consider “going Green” this year and send out an electronic Holiday greeting via email or Facebook.  If you send a card electronically, you save lots of time and money and you don’t burden the receiver who has to figure out what to do with your card.

On the ninth day of Christmas – Clean out the pantry and refrigerator then make a holiday menu and shopping list.  Purchase the non-perishables early and make a second list for the week of to buy the perishable foods.  Cook as many dishes as early as possible and delegate dishes to family and friends that you have invited. Many hands make light work!

On the tenth day of Christmas – Prepare the guest room by putting on fresh sheets, checking the pillows, giving it a good cleaning, and adding a holiday scent to the room.  Look at the room with fresh eyes as if you were staying there yourself to see what changes or additions the room might need to make it more comfortable. Some suggestions are an over the door hook, a place to put a suitcase, an empty basket for small items they need to keep up with while visiting, etc.

On the eleventh day of Christmas – Wash up holiday dishes, glasses, serving pieces, tablecloths, and napkins.

On the twelfth day of Christmas – Wrap gifts and smile because you are ready for the holidays!