Cary Farrell

Clutter Free's Five Top Organizing Tips

by Cary Farrell
July 22, 2019

Well I did have to change my flight this month for my grandson’s birth.  I am enjoying watching him sleep as I type out the top five organizing tips that I give all my clients.  They aren’t secrets but they will make a huge difference in helping you live Clutter Free! Enjoy!


1. Prime Real Estate - Store the items you use on a daily and weekly basis in Prime Real Estate in your home or office.  Prime Real Estate is the area in each room that is easily accessible.  When the items you use everyday have to live out on counters, it usually means that the cabinets are filled with things you don’t use often like your coffee mug collection, wine glass collection, the last ten years worth of medicine, or the clothes you hope to wear one day.  Reclaim Prime Real Estate for the items you use the most often in the areas you use them.


2. Store Items Where They are  Used - This is key to being successful in keeping your home looking tidy.  If you store items a long way from where they are used, then they will most likely never make it “home.” It is too much work to put them away and pull them out again.  If you pay your bills in the living room in front of the TV then create a bill paying station right there. You can hide it with a nice piece of furniture or decorative basket.  


3. Shop at Home Before Going to the Store - I know that it is more fun to shop at the store because their merchandise is displayed so nicely and is so easy to find.  However, if you will make a little effort to create your own nice display at home, then you won’t become OverStock.home where you can’t find what you have and just have to go out to buy yet another (fill in the blank).____________.


4. Determine Your Treasures - Instead of trying to decide what to throw out or get rid of, determine what items you own that you would immediately replace after a fire or flood.  These are the items you can’t live without. These are the items you use often and that should be in your Prime Real Estate.  Then decide which items couldn’t be replaced that hold significant meaning to you.  Give these items the honor they deserve where you can enjoy them.  Once you have your treasures around you, it will be easier to see what you can donate to charity, sell, or let go of.


5. If “It” is Worth Keeping then “It” is Worth Keeping Well - I find two categories of people here.  One group keeps few items but those items are kept well and enjoyed by all.  The second group keeps everything but those items are in broken down cardboard boxes all over the house and not kept in a way to protect, cherish, or enjoy them.  Group one knows that keeping items well costs  time and money so they choose wisely on what to keep.  Group two has lots of sentimental value attached to things but is not committed to keeping their items well and in the end are sad that their treasures don’t last and are not enjoyed.