Cary Farrell

Life and Family Transitions Organizer in Durham, NC

“I am overwhelmed and constantly cleaning”

“I am overwhelmed and constantly cleaning,” Katie told Clutter Free over the phone. A busy mom of two boys under the age of four, she was spending her days picking up after them. Transitioning to two small boys necessitated some functional systems in the beautiful Raleigh, NC home. Loving family and friends had filled the boy’s playroom to near capacity leaving very little room for two active boys to play and causing a lot of stress for mom and dad in managing all the toys. Clutter Free teaches that the purpose of toys is to educate, create connection, entertain and provide the early lessons of responsibility.
The goal was to create a fun play area that the boys could enjoy and help to maintain.
 Clutter Free assisted mom as she sorted the toys into these catagories:

  • favorite toys which were organized in colorful, labeled bins   
  • toys were chosen for rotation (toy rotation is like Christmas and birthdays all year long - kids love it!)
  • broken toys were disposed of
  • multiples of toys and toys that the boys were not interested in were donated to bless other kids
cubicle shelving holding colorful baskets and various toys

When the toy room was finished the four year old walked in and proclaimed, “This is the best day ever!”

He and little brother had their favorite toys and plenty of space to play. Katie said she is less stressed because it takes them just a few minutes to clean the playroom now and the toy rotation is easy.

Whether you are adding new members to the family, blending families, sending kids off to college or downsizing, Clutter Free can assist you to make a smooth transition.

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