Cary Farrell


Inflammation of the home or office, caused by retention of unneeded items, ineffective use of space,accompanied by guilt, paralysis, and isolation. Causes lack of energy, poor time management, and financial loss.

Take this quiz to reveal if you suffer from clutteritis.

  1. Your embarrassment has kept you from having company over since...or ever.
  2. You have designated rooms no one is allowed to enter.
  3. You have everything you need at home but would rather go the store because it is easier to find.
  4. You're not sure what your carpet color is because you haven't seen it in awhile.
  5. Every flat surface in your home is piled high with papers, books, magazines, memorabilia, pictures, or junk mail.
  6. You have trails through your clutter, or step over clutter to get around your house.
  7. You're always looking for an excuse not to go home because the clutter is so stressful.
  8. You've considered renting an apartment to live in because your stuff has taken over your house.
  9. You have everything you have ever purchased or been given your entire life.
  10. You buy everything on sale (whether you need it or not).
  11. You shop for fun or stress relief.
  12. Your friends give you organizing books as gifts.

If even a few of these statements describe you, then you likely have a serious and debilitating -- yet treatable and curable! -- case of clutteritis. Anybody can live free from this dreadful DIS-ease.

To begin treatment and healing, Contact Us. Together we can move you from clutteritis to Clutter Free

Cary Farrell
Doctor of De-Cluttering