Cary Farrell

Small Project Organizer and Space Planner in Durham, NC

Don't Open That Room!

Ed was excited to show off his new apartment in Chapel Hill which was  orderly and functional. However there was one room that had a Do Not Enter sign on the door. He needed that room to function as a guest room, but after the move it was a storage room for items that had made several moves with him but did not fit into his new home. There were several boxes of delayed decisions that he just couldn’t bring himself to face.

door.jpg Clutter Free provided:

  • Motivation and assistance to tackle the “storage room” in a way that made it feel do-able and not so overwhelming.
  • Questions to make faster more confident decisions on what to keep and organize and what no longer blessed him that he could donate.  

“I have tried for months to tackle this room but every time I walked in to work on it, I was so overwhelmed I just closed the door and walked away.  With Clutter Free’s coaching I was able to accomplish in eight hours what I could not do in months on my own.” [Ed]

Clutter Free teaches that every space in your home has a purpose and if you don’t assign a purpose to every room, closet or space it quickly becomes a storage or junk space.  
Clutter Free can help you tackle those small spaces that keep your home from feeling truly comfortable and welcoming.  Clutter Free believes that your home should welcome you with a warm hug when you enter. If you feel comfortable in your home, you will be comfortable having others there too.

large bed with green and blue multi colored bedspread with wooden headboard in small room with window and filing cabinet
Ed is ready for family and friends to come and stay!
small-projects-yes.jpg small-projects-questions.jpg