Cary Farrell

Home Decluttering and Organizing in Durham, NC

"I hate this house!"

As Jill  walked through her home during her consultation with Clutter Free, she repeatedly commented that she hated her house in the North Raleigh area. She was overwhelmed and wanted to move into a smaller home because she was struggling to manage it all. Her husband however was happy in their home and wanted to stay.

Clutter Free provided Jill with:

  • a new vison for her home with a plan to repurpose some rooms and spaces
  • support to determine the items she used most often and the treasures that brought her joy
  • assistance in donating what no longer blessed her
  • simple  organizational systems that worked uniquely for her, placing the items she used most often right where she needed them.
  • ideas and encouragement to use her treasures as her decor
garage with tools organized on brown board hanging on wall with other tools on metal shelves

After a few de-cluttering and organizing work sessions with Clutter Free, Jill was giddy as she walked through her home. Each room held special treasures and functioned well for her AND her husband.

Jill was no longer overwhelmed to be home in Raleigh! The simple organizational systems created for her made maintaining her home quick and easy.  The work space created in the garage for her furniture painting hobby was one of the highlights of the project. The house she hated for so long now welcomes her and brings her joy! She is now saying, "I love this house!"

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