Cary Farrell

Professional Organizer Speaker for Your Event in Durham, NC

To hear Cary talk about what to expect when you work with Clutter Free, listen to an interview with her from the Sharon Hill radio show Chapelboro.

Does your group need a speaker who will encourage and challenge them to create a welcoming home? Below is a list of the top frustrations of our clients and many people who struggle with disorganization.

Contact us today to be a blessing to your group by bringing a passionate speaker who will send them home with hope and the tools to create the welcoming home that they crave.

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Paper -- The Organizing Nemesis
Are piles of papers controlling your life? Get practical tips on taking back that control. Learn what papers to keep, to discard, and to file or pile so that paper no longer fills your home and your heart with stress and anxiety.

Toys -- A blessing or a burden?
Are you (and your children) overwhelmed with toys? Understand the purpose of toys in your child's life and learn tips on how to control the chaos caused by too many toys. Ensure toys are blessing your children and not burdening them.

Memorabilia -- Honoring your Memories
We can't relive every memory, but if a memory is worth keeping then it is worth keeping well. Learn to enjoy your memorabilia and to keep the life story your memories tell.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Learn how to turn your kitchen into the heart of your home.  Your kitchen should function for the way you cook by creating centers for all the activities that you do in the kitchen. Learn to create a simple meal plan and grocery list that takes most of the work out of meal prep.

"Thank you so much for coming to speak to our MOPS group in North Durham, We loved your tips and advice and had a lot of fun. We are now working to keep each other accountable too, by helping out a different mom each week. Thanks again for helping to make our families and our lives clutter free."

MOPS Group in Cary, NC
Cary recently spoke to our MOPS group at church. I knew our moms would be eager to hear about "organizing toys." Cary's presentation was engaging, encouraging and full of practical advice for our young moms. She explained the benefit of toys, the best way to store them, but most importantly how to allow toys to be a "blessing not a burden." She explained how preschoolers could be expected to help with clean up but that it needs to be manageable for these little ones. She encouraged our moms through practical tips and application. While she spoke directly about toy organization much of what she said could be applied to any area of the home. Many of our moms told me they were inspired to go home and put into practice what Cary had shared. One mom even asked if she could come back and tell us "how to clean another room," a testimony to Cary's expertise and presentation. Cary is a gifted speaker and would be perfect for any group where a special speaker is needed. Who doesn't want to hear some practical tips on organization? I would highly recommend her to any group.