Cary Farrell

How to Organize Your Kids for the New School Year

by Cary Farrell
July 22, 2019

Whether a child is homeschooled or sent to school each day in the Durham, Raleigh,or Chapel Hill area, its important to prepare them for a successful year! Personal management and time management are vital skills that every kid needs to learn; not only to be successful in school but in life as well.
At Clutter Free, we understand that some of us are able to manage ourselves with little instruction and some of us need lots of guidance and encouragement to develop these vital life skills.  Our goal is to give you a few tools to prepare your kids for their best school year yet!
3 important lessons to teach kids as they get ready to head back to school:
·       Space and Personal Management Skills. A child’s room is his or her first opportunity to practice management over space and belongings. I work with kids all the time that are overwhelmed with all the toys they have. As parents, the goal is to give kids what they can handle and celebrate their victories when they are able to manage it.  
·       A Home Study Area. Creating a study environment for the child at home is less about the furniture and much more about the child’s study preferences. Consider the child’s needs; whether they prefer to be near others while studying or whether they prefer to be alone with quiet. 
·       Time Management. Some of us are born with internal clocks that keep us on a schedule and some of us aren’t. Parents you can practice the concept of time by teaching your child how to count out a minute and then checking an analog clock to see if they were right. 

Working with your kids on these 3 tasks will help the entire family start off to a better, more organized school year.  Parents if you are struggling in these areas yourself or feel like your child would learn better from an expert, contact Clutter Free now for a consultation.