Prepping for a Home Sale and Move

“I don’t want to move all of this again!”

Nathan and Josylnn had moved several times and they were overwhelmed with yet another move. “I don’t want to move all of this again!” said Joslynn. Clutter Free understands how daunting a move can be.  We have a tried and proven plan to take you from prepping for the move to unpacking in your new home.

Clutter Free provided tthank-you.jpgools, systems and support for sorting through their possessions to determine:
  • daily functional items that they couldn't live without.
  • irreplaceable treasures that they would be excited to unpack to create that feeling of home in their new house
  • what no longer blessed them that could be sold or donated.
Clutter Free assisted them in getting rid of the donations to those who could be blessed by what they didn’t want to move again. Clutter Free also unpacked them so that their kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms were ready on day one. The rest of the house was unpacked in two days so they were settled and ready to enjoy their new home.

Nathan and Josylnn were able to be unpacked and settled in just a few short days. Everything they moved was needed, loved and had a home in the new house.  Unpacking was easy allowing them to feel settled quickly! “This has been our easiest move! Thanks Clutter Free!”

Moving is difficult and overwhelming but Clutter Free can ease the process and provide you support all along the way.

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